The World We Have Woken Up To Is One of Fear and Confusion.
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Founder’s Thoughts

Before we found ourselves in interesting times, I was a business strategist helping companies find exponential growth.  My passion was seeing what others didn’t and finding solutions.  As the truth of the Corona Virus became apparent, I started to think about how I could serve the world and use my background and experiences to help.
It quickly became obvious that my skillset was not enough to make the level of impact I desired.  I can help people save their businesses, but what about their marriage?  What about their children’s education?  What about their relationship with the divine and how would I help them stay financially secure?
The scope of challenges that people are facing led to the birth of hack mankind.  A panel of experts across business, relationships, health, nutrition, finance, spirituality and education.  A panel that can answer almost any question you need answering right now, coupled with a community to ensure you are supported, connected and able to flourish.
The enemy we face right now is faceless, nameless and does not discriminate across borders, gender or race.  But it is beatable if leaders rise up and take their place.  The world we can create from this tragedy can be a better world than we live in now.

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